Latest News: It’s been a brilliantly action-packed second half to the Spring term – have a lovely Easter together and we’ll see you on Tuesday 14th April at 8:50am!

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james_singleterry As Headteacher, I am incredibly proud to introduce our team of children, staff and governors. We are striving to become the best we can possibly be and, with the support of the community, we are sure to get there. Join us on our journey...

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stukeleymeadows @stukeleymeadows
stukeleymeadows  @stukeleymeadows
Busy day at Stukeley HQ... More display boards going in, Mr P's Football Camp, first ever Year Six 'Easter School' and more! 
stukeleymeadows  @stukeleymeadows
RT @ChocsClaire: chocolate surprises (minus surprise) as per new recipe in the Stukeley standard! @stukeleymeadows 
stukeleymeadows  @stukeleymeadows
RT @colburroughes: @stukeleymeadows great vid and thanks for giving the kids a fab week and me the most blissful week of parenthood times 😉… 

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